Treat a Headache with Massage

Headaches and Massage Chatswood

It’s no secret that headaches are often connected with stress. But there are actually three general causes of headaches, and many variants within and between those causes. Luckily, massage can help with any headache.

Tension and Stress

Perhaps the most common type of headache, the exact connection between the stress and headache is uncertain. Perhaps we hold our neck muscles stiff when we are stressed, and this causes the pain. Or the stress make cause chemical changes in our bodies that give rise to headaches. There is probably a connection with the high blood pressure that comes from stress- the poor blood circulation may cause the headache.

If we can reduce the stress we are often free of the headache. This means both removing the cause of stress (a different lifestyle) and finding ways to relax, so the stress abates.

Massage goes a long way to reducing stress. And it can put us in a better frame of mind so we can solve some of those stress causing problems.

Vascular Headaches

These are a more serious type of headache, and include cluster, sinus, migraine headaches. These headaches may be accompanied by blurred vision. They appear to be connected to changes in hormones.

Massage can help the underlying physical conditions that cause serious headaches.

Traction-Inflammatory Headaches

These are a symptom of a serious underlying illness, which should be taken as a sign to seek medical assessment.

Massage will benefit the body’s healing system. Medical treatment will be needed to treat the condition, but massage helps the body recover.

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