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Wedding Photographers near me

We talked to a few local photographers about the common mistakes with both wedding photos and making arrangements for the photography.

  • Not finalizing the schedule for the big day. Everybody wants the photos to turn out well. Setting a schedule helps the photographer prepare for every part of the day. Just knowing that certain times of day will give better lighting is enough reason to do some planning. Advise on any wedding schedule changes.
  • Having the relative who takes their own photos and manages to get in the way. This is a bigger issue than some think. Several photo opportunities are missed (the one that got away) because of over enthusiastic amateur photographers, but you never find out about these because you don’t know about the photo that could have been.
    Advise your relatives in advance.
  • Not co-ordinating a video and photo shoot. This is the same with the relative in the way. Both the video and the photo guy want to capture the same events at the same time. But everybody from a physicist to a philosopher knows that two different physical people can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Hiring the videographer and photographer form the same company helps because they are used to working together.
  • The couple like to look a certain way, or have a certain aesthetic in mind for their photos. If you either show the photographer some images that you like, of find a few examples of their work that you like, it helps to achieve the type of wedding images you prefer.
  • Organization of people for portraits. Some photos capture the spontaneous moments of the great day, others photos capture families and relatives in neat little rows. Both can make for great images, but the neat little groups require some co-ordination. This is one time where the bossy relative might actually prove useful. Else, the photographer might do the organization. A list of group photos that you want is a good idea.
  • Perfectionism can be an issue. This can hamper creativity and leave everything a little sterile. Have fun, capture the spontaneity, and just use the photos that did work.
  • Get some photos of the wedding couple before the ceremony, separately if they prefer this. This is a slightly less rushed part of the day.
  • Following trends can be a mistake. Some wedding shots based on trends will end up being an embarrassment. But we never know in advance is a new idea is a trend or something that becomes a new custom. We can always discard a bad shot latter on.
  • Booking the photographer too late is a mistake. Terrible if you miss out on the photographer that you want. You only have this day once.
  • Be natural when in a photo, even when it is a staged group shot. Trying hard will look fake. Smile, and avoid the double chin that most of us get when we look down.

Wedding Photographers near me

Choose a photographer that you like based on their previous work. A local photographer will prove more convenient if you have to visit them frequently. Else, just find a photographer who covers the area you live in.