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Floor Sanding Sydney

Floor Sanders Sydney

Hardwood is the oldest type of wooden floor. Modern alternative exist, and have their advantages – engineered floor is easy to install and cheap – but few flooring materials are as long lasting and durable as classic hardwood. It looks great too.

The great advantage of hardwood over other type of flooring is their ability to be re-sanded. This re-sanding allows the timber floor surface to literally look like new. Most other wooden floor products only have a thin layer of decorative surface wood over strong but rough base wood. These flooring materials cannot have the surface re-sanded as the top surface layer would be lost. But as Hardwood is solid timber all the way through it can be re-sanded several time.

Houses over one hundred years old have hardwood floors still in workable order. They can easily survive for generations under reasonable conditions, suffering only surface wear from human inhabitants. Being re-sanded every decade a hardwood floor can easily last a century. Many can last longer.

After being sanded the new surface of a hardwood floor can be stained a different colour, which is idea if the home owner wishes to redecoration. Else, the original finish can be reapplied.  The floor is them polished to a fine finish.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Floor sanding is a major Project. Professional standards are required. It is not recommended for DIY operations.

Earlier methods floor sanding once produced a great deal of sawdust. Modern techniques have greatly reduced this issue, and the small amount of dust produced is quite easy to handle.

Professional Sanding restores you floors in minimal time. Have us renovate today and enjoy a better home tomorrow.


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