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History of the Regions

Blue Mountains Tours

The Blue Mountains were seen from a distance by the first European settlers. They were not explored at first, the myth that they were uncross able being encouraged to deter convict escapes. Officially the Europeans did not cross then until 1813, 25 years after they first arrived. Unofficial exploration of the area had occurred before this, and the local Aboriginals had known how to navigate the mountains for centuries.

Many historic sites from the early inhabitants still attract tourist attention today. Old mining towns, the explorer’s tree and the Zigzag railways attract many visitors.

Blue Mountains Day Tour

There are many sites in the mountains. Seeing all of the in a short space of time is impossible, but a day tour allows the casual visitor to see as much as possible without have to worry about planning.

Jenolan Caves Tours

European discover of the Jenolan Caves system is unclear, but seems to date as early as 1840. There were visitors to the region within a decade. The caves have several important milestones in its history. They Second area in the world preserved for conservation and have First cave lit by electric lighting in 1880

The Jenolan Caves system are part of the Blue Mountains region, but time constraints make it difficult to see both the caves and mountains in the same day.

Port Stephens Tours

Port Stephens was named and discovered before the first settlers arrived, being seen by Captain Cook on his initial voyage to the Country. The area never really developed a large population, and today it is largely known for its tourist attractions.

Whale and dolphin watching are a strong focus of the Port Stephens tours. Quad bike, 4WDing, beach activities and the local toboggan park are also extremely popular.

Sydney Bridge Climb

The harbour Bridge was officially opened in 1932. And there have been reports of individuals attempting to climb it since at least the 1950s. Understanding the appeal of this activity the official Bridgeclimb tours started in 1998.

The Sydney Bridge Climb is highly rated amid adventurers around the world.

The South East pylon contains a few tourist attractions as well as a particularity fine view of the city.

Sydney Day Tours

Sydney has much to see and do. A Sydney day tour will show the casual visitor as much as possible in a single day.

Sydney Maritime Museum Tickets

The maritime museum was opened in 1991, the only federally operated museum outside of the ACT/Canberra. It has several galleries and many outside attractions. One of the galleries was funded by the USA, the only museum gallery in the world funded by a foreign government.

Foreign tourist guides rate the museum highly. The London Sunday Time lists it tin the best 10 museums in the world.

Sydney Maritime Museum Tickets cover various galleries, visiting exhibits and outdoor attractions.plan b shuttle - travel in a group

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