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Some Steps to Safety

Though there are some ongoing basic principles the health and safety situation in any workplace is always evolving. We want to both improve the situation we have, and adapt to any new projects or technology. We want to be safer with both the new and the old.

-Leadership. Be the example that others follow. The new recruits will not know the safety procedures, some of it is counterintuitive. Demonstrate, or at least explain how it works.

-Leadership. Be proactive in a new situation, and find the safe approach.
The right attitude. Safety is not a chore or an inconvenience. Safety is about a method that gets good results.

-Proactive. look for the better approach

-Be accountable for everything you do. Don’t depend on somebody else to look after it.

-Watch each other’s backs. It is too easy to miss something. And there is always something that most people don’t notice.

-Listen. Others have experience. We can use intelligence to know about some things in advance. Other things we won’t know about till we have experience them ourselves, or at least heard about them form others.

-Act on any safety issue that comes up. Or that gets mentioned. Or that you imagine might happen. Take preventative measures. The original understanding of Murphy’s Law is that we should look for anything that might go wrong, and then prevent it from going wrong.

Insist on:

-A supply of conspicuity tape / reflective tape

-The appropriate reflective road sign.

-Vehicle comspicuity

-Safety equipment with reflective film or high viz

-The appropriate professional attitude


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