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  • Booking a cruise ship very early or late can be cheap. There are early bird specials where you have a large choice at a reasonable discount; there are last minute discounts, but you have to take what is still available.
  • Watch the fares after you have booked. If the fare becomes lower, and if you haven’t made the final payment, you can often pay the lower amount.
  • There are various industry sales during the year. Sometimes this means cheaper fares sometimes this means more benefits and better cabins for the same fare.
  • Loyalty programs are great if you travel frequently. Find a company (or toe) that you like and stick with their cruises.
  • Travel agents do know a lot of tricks and inside information. They may get you a better deal, especially if you use them a lot.
  • Some cruise lines offer discounts for seniors, armed forces, law enforcement or other groups. Some company lines have special cruises for these groups. Ask what is applicable.
  • Different departure dates can mean a different price.
  • If there are shore stopovers then do some online research so you can make the most of your time. Some ship service excursions are good, but there are other options.
  • Small ships are less crowded than larger ships, and can offer higher quality meals and more personal service. This is a priority to some, though some travellers just want to sunbake and swim.
  • Seriously consider travel insurance. This is essential when in foreign countries, though some people consider it less applicable when spending the whole vacation on the one boat.

Cruise Ship and Airport Shuttle Bus

A cruise ship is for a vacation, not a business trip. A Sydney Airport shuttle bus can make cruise ship terminal connections, so you can start and finish you vacation in comfort. Avoid luggage problems and delays on public transport, and use our cruise ship and airport shuttle.anytimeshuttle-1

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