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In the 1950’s people would purchase an item with the expectation that it would last a decade or two. After this time the technology would render it obsolete anyway. Australians who bought b/w TVs in 1956 had them replaced by colour after 1975, but by this time the old b/w TV was rather worse for wear. These days the situation is different.

Our mobile phones are capable of lasting several years, but the technology changes so quickly than many people replace them every two years. Manufacturers understand this, and design the batteries with a similar life expectancy. Batteries could last longer but would hold a lesser charge. A longer change during the day is more convenient for most people.

If a phone does suffer any problems it is almost always due to accident or misadventure. Phones will last for years under any reasonable conditions. If there is damage it is often quite cost effective to have the phone repaired.

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iPhone Repairs Sydney

Apple expects its phones to last for about 3 years. This is a combination of the technology becoming old and the battery life eventually being compromised. After this time Apple intends to completely recycle the old phone. They hope to build all their new products entirely from the materials sources from their old products.

Till this time when they are recycled iPhones occasionally need repair. This is almost invariably due to accidental damage; the phones last quite well under regular conditions. And were it not for the aging battery and changing requirements of technology iPhones would probably last for many years.

If your iPhone needs a new screen or some other repair do not hesitate to bring it to our authorised service personnel.

Phone Repairs Newtown

ETS cellular do mobile phone repairs in Newtown and surrounding areas. We are authorised for Apple and iPhone repairs.

iPhone Repairs Canterbury

Apple phones are amongst the best smartphone o the market. If your iPhone had suffered an accident we can bring it back to full functionality. Call ETS cellular.

Mobile Phone Repairs Campsie

Our mobile phones have become an integral part of our life; we are at a disadvantage without one.  If your mobile phone has suffered an accident we can make it work like new. Call us at ETS cellular.

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