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Car Safety

Car Accidents are amongst the worst type of accidents. Anything that can be done to reduce the risk or lessen the severity of an accident is welcome news. Advancing technology, good driving practices and pedestrian precaution can all help to reduce incidents.


  • Simply crossing the road may seem a mundane task, but it is too easy to be complacent. Use traffic lights whenever possible, hold the hands of children, and teach all children responsible practices. If children walk to school, teach them to obey any person at the crossing.
  • A significant number of serious accidents occur in driveways; it is too easy to back over a child that cannot be seen behind the car. The unpredictable nature of children only makes matters worse. Rear view television monitors or sensors on cars could prevent many of these issues.
  • If there is a doorway between the house and garage make sure children cannot misuse this. Lock the door so children cannot play in the garage.
  • It is tempting to leave children while shopping, but there are 5000 children rescued from overheating cars every summer. Cars heat up quickly in the Sun. Quality tinted windows largely prevent this heating problem (though front windscreens are never tinted), but children should never be left alone for any length of time.

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Rear parking sensors installation Perth

We strongly recommend car sensors or a car camera on every vehicle. This massively increases the safety when operating the vehicle, especially in poor weather or with otherwise obscured visibility. Many drivers find the technology of the sensors enjoyable to use when parking.


Car Window Tinting Perth

Many vehicle owners have tinted windows installed because of the snazzy appearance they give a car. Other car owners recognise the protection that the tinted windows offer for the car interior. But the massively reduced heat problems inflicted on the vehicle during summer is reason enough to apply window tinting. An overheated car is bothersome and unsafe to drive.

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