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Before They Paint the Room

1 Prepping

Empty the room as much as possible; or put the furnishings in the middle if the ceiling is not to be painted.

Walls need to be cleaned, usually with sugar soap. This removes all the oil and grease that accumulates over time. Even the cleanest building and homes have this issue. The surrounding air will contain some impurities from cooking and cleaning products, and this finds its way onto the walls.

Any cracks or nail holes need to be filled in, and left to set properly.

All this prep work has some psychological advantages. When you have done the preparation you feel motivated towards the painting itself.

2 Test the Paint Colour

How you picture the room in your head and how it looks after painting are often different. Buy a sample pot of paint, or a few samples colours, and try this on the wall. Study how this looks in different lighting conditions. Consider matt and eggshell finishes.

Take a photo of the room and use Photoshop on the computer to alter the wall colours. This is a broad estimate, show the effect of the general colour and not the exact shade, but it can prevent you painting in a completely wrong colour.

3 Light and Dark

The colour scheme will affect the perceived size of the room. There are no absolute rules here, but a light colour will make a small space with little light look more open. Alternately, a dark colour will lend a large space more depth. Decorations and details will also the feeling of space.

4 Calculate the amount of paint.

If the walls are primed you will only need one coat. This is usually a better option. Painting two coats of the final colour will also give good results, but this is more expensive than using an initial primer. Primer also tend to cover up any uneven colours or filler on the wall.

If you find you need two or more tins of paint to finish the room, mix all the paint together before you start. This way any slight difference between the colours in the tins is averaged out.

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House Painters Sydney

We spend a great deal of time in our homes, so they are worth spending some time on if we want to live in pleasant surroundings. Professional painting services are almost always the best choice. You know the look you want, professionals know how to achieve it.

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