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Low Light Photography

Real estate photo editing

Most real estate photography should be done in the daytime, either with good natural light or something that replicates the look of natural light. Yet we sometime find we might be taking photos in dim conditions. Perhaps there is an attic, or some outdoor structure in the shade. Capturing a soft look for these housing features might be appropriate.


Increase the amount of light coming into the camera. This was a big deal in the days of film, but rather different with digital cameras. The problem today is that many straight forward digital cameras will make the adjustments for you; but the camera’s algorithm doesn’t know what you are trying to capture. You can end up with one overbright object and the rest of the image underexposed. This can sometime be fixed Photoshop; underexposure is slightly better for this. But such things as changing the angel of the photo can make all the difference.

Standing close to the light source can make all the difference. If there is a bright object in dim conditions use this as a light source, but keep it out of the shot.


Else, HDR photos combine several images of a scene that are identical except for the fact they are taken at different intensities. Combining these images gives a much wider dynamic range to the resulting photo, closer to how the human eye sees the world. This can work well in many low light situations.


Use RAW format photos where possible. This keeps more of the details; you won’t lose anything in compression.


Photographers would increase the amount of light coming into the lens by increasing the exposure time. This left the camera more open to vibration, leading to a blurry image. A tripod can prevent this, or a monopod.

Low light can also confuse the camera’s autofocus. Use manual focus in low light.


Real estate photo editing services

Real estate photo retouching services can compensate for some photographic errors, and make the best of the images you have. Raw format photos and HDR can give more options for processing and produce better images.

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