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Bad Car Habits

  • Not using the parking Brake. Is there any reason not to use this when leaving the car for more than 5 seconds?
  • Running on an empty fuel tank. Many fuel gauges stay cool by being emerged in the tank’s fuel. They will steadily run hot if the fuel is low, meaning they will eventually need to be replaced.
  • Sudden switches from reverse to drive. This steadily wears away at the drivetrain.
  • Revving the car when it is cold. Rather, let the engine warm for a minute before you start running it to capacity.
  • Full throttle starts and immediate stops. This strains the engine and the brakes, burning up fuel in the process. It was more common years ago when fuel was less expensive.
  • Carrying too much weight. This strains everything from the suspension to the brakes. And it chews up fuel.
  • Riding brakes downhill. You will lose your brakes after a few minutes, if that. Instead, use the engine as a brake.
  • Ignoring any warning light, strange sound, or the way the car handles. Have this checked straight away.
  • Not taking advantage of advancing technology

While there might be a few automotive trends that come and go there are also advancements than make cars safer, more efficient or just simply more enjoyable.

Car recording system Perth

Designed to record all relevant information in case of an accident, the car recording system makes us feel like we have an aircraft black box operating while we drive. And more than a few interesting news items have be caught on a car recording system.

Rear parking sensor installation Perth

Such a sensible idea we wonder why it didn’t become standard earlier on. Never back into an obstacle again.

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