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Creativity was natural to us as children. What we created back then was probably only significant to us, and maybe a few bemused family members – but it was still creativity. Today we need that creativity for constructive ends; we need to make our creations relevant for a target audience.

Encourage creativity:

  • Only watch film and television critically and deliberately. Don’t just have these things on in the background. Look for the details, and find the faults. Fans of cult shows often pick up every possible fault and oversight, yet remain fans. Do this, but also ask why the fault remained in the final product.
  • Do anything you can in a different matter, so long as it is safe.
  • Write a set amount (500 words) every morning. Don’t save anything for tomorrow, write it now.
  • Try foreign food, or any new food item. Watch for any personal allergies.
  • Find a common object and think of as many alternative uses for it. Then try this on any object you are trying to advertise. Does the item resemble anything else? This might be useful. Remember Salvador Dali’s Lobster phone? Think like that.
  • Keep a visual diary, and jot down anything that comes to mind or that you find interesting.
  • Keep a list of interesting quotes.
  • Keep a note of dreams, especially when you first wake.
  • Brainstorm problems – write down everything including loose associations. There will be something useful in there somewhere.
  • Create descriptions of individual people, the contradictions and eccentricities included. Use anecdotes that sum up the persons character.
  • Play with children.
  • Watch classic cartoons
  • Find a way to sort our basic chores quickly, so you can be creative on a blank slate.
  • Remember the difference between the phenomenology and the thing in itself – there is our experience of objects, and there is the object in itself. Remember that it is about the experience. It is not about the component colours or the analysis, though this can be interesting. Ask, what is our experience?


Outdoor flying banners Sydney

It is easy to put a logo on a flying banner. If you already have a good logo this might be enough. But the right colours, an odd approach, anything that works for that particular company, can make the banner more effective.


Pop up Exhibition Displays Sydney

Think of a medium as a blank slate with limitations. Every medium has different limitations; working within these forces you to be creative. A display stand has a certain size and curved surface. Do something with these.

If an idea doesn’t work in one medium it may be usable in another.

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