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Photography for Indoors


Prospective buyers are looking through many property photos. If you want your property to be noticed you need to present the best images possible.


  • Use a wide angle lens for emphasizing space. A narrow shot makes the room look small.
  • Look at High Dynamic range photography (HDR). This takes several images and combines them into one with a much higher than normal dynamic range. The images are much closer to the way a human eye perceives the world.
  • Use wide ‘landscape’ shots, not vertical.
  • Emphasis space and natural light in rooms. This is what viewers automatically are attracted to.
  • Remove anything that looks like clutter. Some of these can be Photoshopped out, but it helps not to have the issue in the first place.
  • Emphasis room features, the selling point.
  • You can buy some ‘natural light’ globes and use them to good effect in darker rooms. Reuse the same globes as you photograph each room.
  • Add some fresh flowers or bright pillows if a room needs some colour. Maybe move a bright painting to the room.
  • Square photos of a room, directly facing the far wall, are a reasonably safe bet, but try other angles if they make the room look good.
  • Outdoor photos can sometimes work well at dusk, or slightly before. The lighting is distinctive here, and combining it with Photoshop techniques is effective. Take daylight images as well.
  • Dedicate a few hours to the photo shoot.
  • Remember that digital memory is cheap. Take far more photos than you need, because you can always pick the best images latter on.


Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photo retouching services can make the best of the photos you take.

A house is always a major sale, and a lot of money is move around. A good image is a key part of selling that house, and if it doesn’t directly increase the asking price it will at least attract more potential buyers. Considering the finances involved it makes sense to spend some time and effort on quality photographic images, and on Real estate photo retouching.

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