The back of our mouth, the molars, have large grooves on their upper surfaces that can inadvertently accumulate food and other foreign particles. These same teeth can also have indentations too small to be reached by the bristles of a toothbrush, which also accumulate foreign materials. As regular brushing may prove ineffective in cleaning these tight places other measure must be used to prevent decay.


Dental sealants are a clear or white coloured plastic used to prevent food and foreign particles getting into a tooth’s grooved surface. They are a physical barrier that add an extra level of protection against decay. When applied correctly these sealed teeth are almost indistinguishable from normal, healthy teeth.


Many children have dental sealants for their back teeth. It is not unusual for individuals to have sealed teeth without knowing it, the treatment being done when they were still very young. Many healthy back teeth are the result of this early sealant treatment.


Dental sealants will last for many years, perhaps even the life of the tooth. Should they be damaged they can be replaced. Best of all they require only the same cleaning and care necessary for regular teeth.


Dental sealants applied at a young age can prevent decay problems later on.


Sealants Newington dental

Ask your Newington dentist about sealants for you children’s teeth. The benefits can last for many years to come.

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