Beauty Sydney


Theories of beauty date back to early civilization. The ancient Greeks wrote on aesthetics in the 6th century B.C. Even back then the human body was a prominent feature of the discussions. Beauty and the human form are part of psyche and part of our social interaction.  It is part of our nature to make our world and ourselves neat and appealing.


Beauty Inner West

Much is written on beauty, and much of popular culture revolves around it. But for all that is written and said our appreciation of beauty is intuitive. We find something attractive because it appeals to us, not because we compare it to some criteria. Long eyelashes, the right hairstyle, the right shade or lipstick … these things look right, and make us feel good about ourselves and good about each other. Beauty means all the elements fit together


Waxing Inner West

Smooth skin has an appeal all of its own. It is a way to present the overall colour and form of our limbs by removing the irregular details. No waxing is completely painless, but modern techniques are far less of an issue than waxing techniques of a few years ago. And the modern moisturizing give a much better result.


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