Ginseng Cosmetics


Over the last few thousand years Ginseng has been linked to countless health benefits. The legitimacy of these claims is often a little exaggerated, but as ginseng is such an effective adaptogen there is usually a something to what is being said. Ginseng improves overall health, so any problems benefit from this improved functioning.


Most of the past benefits have some from consuming Ginseng. But topical applications to the skin have existed too, and have recently become more popular. It has been known to have benefits when applied to the skin, and is now being found in cosmetics.


Ginseng contains phytonutrients, which keeps skin active and rids it of free radical and at least some sun damage. It also increases the amount of collagen under the skin (in the dermis) making the skin firmer. Individuals with dark puffy eyes will find ginseng greatly beneficial.


Hair is benefits from Ginseng, both when taken orally and topically. One reason for this is indirect – our hair suffers if our immune system is compromised; if the body health is compromised the hair becomes a lower priority. Hence, improvement in our immune system means there is more energy to devote to the hair. The direct benefit is that ginseng stimulates blood flow and hair growth. This can thicken hair and prevent hair loss.


Ginseng is available in hair products and skin creams. There are also website for DIY facemasks, shampoos and other home recipes.

We recommend continued use of Red Korean Ginseng in one’s diet for overall health and energy.

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