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Signs must keep things to a minimum. What they intend to communicate must be apprehendable in a glance.  This is rarely possible in text alone. Colour, shape, logo design and anything that appears on the sign can be used a part of the message.



Impulse buyer seems to go for Bold colours, Red, royal blue, orange and black.

Budget buyers looking for a bargain go for lighter colours such as light blue and pink.

Highly educated people tend to prefer unusual colours with specific names – azure, taupe.

Middle to working class shoppers prefers straightforward colours and names.

Women prefer warm colours, such a red and orange. Males prefer blue or green, but the variations are wide.



Contrasting colours that make for easy visibility are easier to read and thereby more effective. Find the colours that will work for the target audience, and combine them with contrasting backgrounds.


Sprit of the Sign.

Is your company formal catering or light-hearted children’s entertainment? The sign should be appropriate.


Long Term Use and Passing Fashions

McDonalds, Coke and Kmart still have similar logos and colours to when they first became successful. Their product lines have changed, but their brand image remains the same. If they had been swayed by passing trend they wouldn’t have the brand awareness they have maintained till today. Go with ideas that last. If the ideas are original, all the better.


Boards Signs Sydney

These are effective on sidewalks, and will stay stable for many years. A good design on a board sign make of r highly effective advertising.

Corflute Signs Sydney         

These attach easily to walls or other surfaces, with a shiny surface that lends itself well to strong colours. All the design idea can be used on these corflute signs.

Aluminium Signs Sydney

Actually a very versatile medium, aluminium can have the classy look of shiny metal with formal printing, or the vivid look of a street sign. These signs last for decades. Logos cut out of aluminium are also effective.

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