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Laser Treatments Bankstown


Laser cosmetic treatments are still relatively new, steadily appearing over the last generation. They have many cosmetic uses, mostly for the skin. After several years of application their long term effectiveness has proved quite impressive.


Acne Treatment

There are two areas where lasers are effective for acne. One is to treat the underlying cause of the acne, significantly reducing the extent of the problem. The other area is to remove, or at least reduce the extent of scarring from acne suffered in the past. Laser treatment is far less invasive than any most other procedure.


Sun Damage and Fine Lines

The Ultraviolet light from the Sun steadily ages our skin. Our skin’s surface becomes less elastic and there is less collagen beneath the surface to provide support. Laser resurfacing can remove the thinnest top layer of skin and stimulate new collagen in the underlying dermis. Skin will look smoother and younger, and laser treatment has none of the discomfort of chemical peels or physical abrasion. There is little to no recover time after the procedure.



Sometimes fingernails and toes suffer from parasitic fungal infections. Our body’s immune system cannot always rid us of these problems. This is both a matter of aesthetics as well as health and hygiene. Laser treatments are very effective here. Unlike topical applications laser light can penetrate deep into the affected nail, dealing with the entire infection. And unlike oral applications they can be targeted exclusively on the affected area. There is little in the way of side effects.


Laser Treatments Bankstown

If you are interested in cosmetic laser treatments Bankstown has the MA 360 clinic. These procedures are no longer restricted to the affluent. Good cosmetic treatment is as affordable as regular dental work. Is you want to be physically at your optimum, consider some laser treatment.

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