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Mixing Colours

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Colours charts and colour wheels are still in regular use. But where we once used these for mixing the right mix pigments we now use these same charts finding complimentary and contrasting colour schemes. Nonetheless, understanding how to combine colours is useful for both deriving a new colour and finding appropriate colour schemes.


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Primary colours are any set of colours that can be combined to produce a large combination of new colours. The school education system teaches that the primary colours are red, blue and yellow. In truth, these are just one possible set. We soon notice that TV screens and printers use various ink cartridges to recreate many colours; often these are magenta, yellow and cyan. The mixing of these colours can be done additively of subtractive. Pure coloured light will mix in a subtractive way. Paint, on the other hand, will mix in an additive way. This is part of the reason why different primary colours are used. In house painting Sydney has rarely uses primary colours, at least not on main walls. But furniture and decorations may be vivid primary colours. Walls, door and trim should be painted to complement the furniture that is latter incorporated into the house design.


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The use of red, yellow and blue as the primary colours for mixing is a convention, and perhaps a useful one. The rods and cones in our eyes seem to work with these divisions.  The colour spectrum also neatly divides this way. It is a simple for interior designers or house painters Sydney wide to use a colour chart when making choices about contrasting or complimentary colours. Colours on the opposite sides of the colour wheel will look appropriate when next to each other. Similarly, colours spaced equally at three points around the colour wheel will also work well.


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External house painting must look at the house in a context. Surrounding landscapes are part of the overall look. Paint schemes should be chosen accordingly. The painters Sydney most favours can choose the right colour for the right setting.

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