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Pellet Boilers

Pellet boilers are ideal for heating medium sized buildings and large houses. They provide excellent efficiency, operating at near capacity of 3.9Kw.

Pellet boilers are used for house central heating systems of 3.9 kW or more, ideal for a larger home or building. They work by burning wood pellets, manufactured from various timber resources. Unlike fossil fuels, which have a limited supply, timber can be made into a renewable resource if organized carefully.


The great advantage of pellet boilers is their optimal efficiency range. When run at full capacity the pellet boiler can produce more than 90% efficiency, meaning 90% of the energy used is turned into heat, with less than 10% waste. The downside is that this high efficiency is only achievable at full load; below this point there is far less heat produced and a lot of energy is wasted. Some modern designs have improved this lower capacity operation, but none can achieve same efficiency possible at full load.


One of the downsides to this is that Pellet boilers are nor suitable for small applications. The minimal rating is 3.9 kWatts, which is fine for a large household, but not for a smaller building. It is not possible to build a practical pellet boiler less than 3.9 kWatts capacity, and running a system below this threshold is wasteful. Yet for a fair size application the pellet system is a very good option.

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