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Leaking Balcony Repairs Perth

A leaking balcony is one of the few building structures more dangerous that a leaking shower. It is of immediate concern as the leak is often not noticed till it has caused significant damage and has become a threat to safety.  A damaged balcony can collapse without warning, which is extremely dangerous to anybody in the vicinity. And even if it does not collapse the leaking affecting the balcony is probably causing damage to the surrounding areas of the house.


One common underlying cause of water leaking in a balcony is failure of the waterproofing membrane. By the time this is noticeable the will already be rot and decay in the balcony and adjoining wall.

Look for:

  • Loose tiles
  • Discoloured grout
  • Any sign of decay and rot
  • Electrical issues, such as lighting on or near the balcony.
  • Wall discolouration.
  • Blocked drains.
  • Accumulating water on the balcony
  • Water coming from the balcony not caused by rain.


A collapsing balcony can be catastrophic. The homeowner will probably be liable for damage or potential loss of life. Newer or refurbished balconies often have a second layer of membrane to further prevent against water leaks and damage. This is far safer than previous methods.


Leaking Tile Repairs Perth

As it is possible to Fix Leaking Shower without removing tile so it is sometimes possible to repair balconies without too much structural change, provided that the issue is address as early as possible. The longer repairs are delayed the greater the risk and the greater the repair cost.


Balconies, Tiles and Regrouting Perth

If a balcony is to be repaired it might need major alterations. Many homeowners choose to redecorate as part of this procedure. Retiling a balcony is a moderate renovation, but it effectively remodels the original structure.

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