Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility Acupuncture Sydney

Exactly what effects out body’s functioning is never completely certain. Today’s advice may turn out to be an old wives tale. But for the moment we can look at some of the issues being considered when it comes to fertility.


Technology – There have been rumours and speculations for years over what our phones and laptops are doing to our cells and DNA. Theoretically, non-ionizing radiation should not affect us; it should only be ionizing radiation that knocks atoms and molecules of DNA chains. But even if this is true, the heat from some technology might be an issue. Men using a laptop on their lap (despite the name) risk raising the temperature of their groin by a few degrees, which we suspect lowers fertility. As for mobile phones, there might be a radiation risk, but no study has been conclusive.


Hot activities – Like the laptop on the lap there are other activities that affect the heat of a male’s groin. Hot tubs and sitting on heated seats will have the same negative effect.


Productive employment – Men who work seem to be more fertile. The reasons are open to speculation. It may be an evolutionary thing; men’s biology gears up to reproduce when conditions are stable and favourable for having children. Else, it might be a statistical mistake; the unemployed aren’t pursuing fertility treatment till their finances improve.


Coffee – One cup of coffee a day might be beneficial for general health; more than four cups and fertility seems to be compromised in women.


Dairy Products – Maybe it is a psychological thing – we associate children and milk. Else, the milk produced by cows contains hormones that might affect our reproductive system. Either way, women who ate dairy products, especially women in their thirties, had improved chances of having babies.


Pregnancy Acupuncture Sydney – men and women who underwent acupuncture had improved chances of conceiving and giving birth. There is more than anecdotal evidence here; sperm count and mobility was found to be measurably higher.


 IVF Acupuncture Sydney

Couples undergoing IVF treatment improved their chances of having a child if they were undergoing regular acupuncture. Successful conception also required fewer IVF treatments. As each IVF treatment is expensive, the acupuncture looks to be cost effective.

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