Primary School limitations



There is a theory that a conservative mindset does not understand what it is doing and merely repeats what it has observed other doings.


This is probably a both a little simplistic and a little unavoidable. It is simplistic because the same person who understands one subject well may not understand another subject at all. This person can be creative in some areas but not others. If they do not understand the matter at hand they might do well to follow somebody else’s example, provided that somebody else is getting things right. It would be preferable if this situation changed and they acquired their own skills over time. Yet some people stick to wrote learning and imitation because that is the limit of their ability.


Primary school aims to teach young children the fundamentals of education. Some of this is inevitably rote learning; we need to know multiplication tables how to spell. Yet some of this goes well beyond rote learning; children learn to form new sentences out of familiar words, even as they have never learnt the sentence before. Hopefully they can also discover their own applications for maths and other subject that they are not taught directly. Education should provide them with the words and concepts to be creative and learn independently.


It is easy for schools to fall back onto rote learning and formula, because the average student, and even the sub-average student, is capable of learning by this method. And it is also possible for the intelligent student to perceive the connection between the facts they learn and be ahead of the other in the class. Unfortunately this can be rather hit and miss.


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Tutoring outside of the regular education system works to the advantage of many students who are capable of more than the educations system caters for. Intelligence is a complex matter, but being able to see the connections between facts, being able to put facts together and derive a solution, is at least part of what intelligence is. Tutoring can be of great benefit to those who need more that the education system provides, who need more of the bigger picture. It may cover the same material as the general education system, but the approach is different. This different approach does not make a child a mindless machine for rote learning any more than it makes the child superhuman, but it does get a child much closer to their potential. Creativity and independent thinking are part of this process.

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