Psychology and the Advertising Image

Psychology in advertising should only be used in a legally and ethically manner.


Emotion is more important than practical function of a product when advertising, though the product will have to fulfil its promise by living up to consumer expectations.  This means showing the benefits of a product and not its specifications or features. These categories are not clear cut. A camera might hold a thousand high quality photos; this could be considered a feature and a benefit, or even phrased as a specification. The idea is to get the potential buyer thinking how incredibly useful this camera would be to them.  Some technical people buy products by looking at specifications, but emotional advertising won’t deter them if the device quality is already there.


Don’t stretch credibility. Even children tend to be at least a little sceptical of marketing claims. You might get away with a boastful campaign if it is done in humour; claiming your sports drink make individual run faster might work as a joke. But you’re better off simply saying that your soft drink just tastes good.


Exclusivity appeals to a lot of people. Some people are immune to the appeal of exclusivity because they feel they have already obtained it. Most others doubt their status, and will buy a product that reinforces a feel that they are exclusive. As always, the product needs to live up to the advertising hype. This is playing on the consumer’s insecurity, so it is all too easy to cross into an unethical approach.


Banners Sydney

Almost all advertising has to work in limited space. This is determined both by the physical space of an advert and the attention of the consumer; the consumer will often just give the advert a passing glance. Unless you have their attention in an instant, unless you can convey your message with a single image or slogan, or at least draw them in for a closer look, the advertisement isn’t working.


Signs Sydney

If you can get an effective advertisement on a sign you can probably transfer the image and caption to another medium. Sometime a logo is enough, especially for an established company. Sometime you need an image to tell the world who you are.


Display Stand Sydney or Marquees Sydney

These may be an exception to the instantaneous message ideal. If there is a semi-permanent stand people will tend to come in for a closer look. The stand or marquee need to grab their attention, but once you have their attention you have at least a little time to sow the consumer what you are about.


Stickers Sydney

Stickers can easily convey the same image and message as a magazine ad or display stand, but they are not always appropriate. The medium itself is part of the message, and a sticker sends the message that the product or company is fairly light-hearted. Stickers are great for children’s products, or maybe a political slogan. Stickers are probably a bad idea for a legal firm or undertaker.


Posters Sydney

Posters are more about where they are positioned that anything else. Perhaps they are not the first choice for a serious, professional firm, but with an appropriate image and caption they can work for many situations.

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