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Useful Apps for the Best Wedding Photography

More than a few films and documentaries are being made on phones. But no amount of technology will do away with the human operator.


A few useful app can help the human operator make a better film. Or at least help make the process a little easier.



A straightforward way to keep track of what you film. Manage, view and edit a list of shot on your phone screen. You can add photos and manage a storyboard as well.



An iPhone app that lets you match the same field of view between cameras and lens. Great for planning shots when you scout locations in advance.


Cine Meter II

A spot meter, RGB waveform monitor, exposure meter, colour temp, device, with a few other functions as well. Information necessary for great shots.


Artemis Directors Viewfinder

Know what it look like to get the same shot through a different lens; compare different lens results on your pone screen.


Helios Sun and Moon Position Calculator

Knowing information about the Sun and Moon is incredibly useful for many outdoor shots. This gives all the information as the photographer needs it.


AJA DataCalc

One of the few remaining shortcomings of filming with a phone is the storing of data. Running out of room is a nightmare. This app works with all the current industry compression formats, let you know how much space you have.


Cinema Forms

You need a lot of forms on a film set, a release for everybody being one of them. A few of these are useful for a wedding shoot.


Focus Chart

This is super simple; it just calibrates the phone lens. You will probably use is every shoot.

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