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The appearance and function of any item are two distinct things. We tend to think an impressive appearance reflects a well performing item, though this can be misleading. Nonetheless a slick looking car is pleasing in its own right, and suggests that the car’s owner is taking care of it in. A good looking and well performing vehicle is pleasing to drive.

Car Carpets

Cars tend to accumulate dust and debris in nooks and crannies. Detailers remove this with an air compressor. The carpet can then be vacuumed. Stiff brushes are then useful for removing trodden in dirt from floors.

Air Vents

Vent from air conditioners and fans are an often overlooked part of cleaning. If they are full of dust, as is often the case, they will quickly pollute the air and surface of the car. This problem can be compounded if there is any unpleasant smelling substance in the air ducts; no amount of cleaning the car’s interior can remove a sour smell from the air conditioner. The air conditioner must be properly cleaned with a compressor. Any air filters must be replaced.


Wheels are a little tricky. They should be cleaned early on in the detailing process. The solvents used on tyres can be very harsh on car paint, and on alloy wheels. Washing the paint straight after cleaning the wheels removes any stray tyre solvents.

There is some debate about whether to use acid or non-acid cleaners on tyre rubber. Non-acid is safer, being far less likely to damage other surfaces. Professionals often used acidic cleaners, knowing how to prevent car paint and chrome from being exposure.

Car Hand Wash

Some people enjoy the process of hand washing the car; it allows some pride and feeling of ownership. This is fine as long as one uses a proper carwash solution. Other detergents strip away protective waxes and are harsh on the paint. Professionals often use a silicone squeegee to remove minerals left by evaporating water.

Car Detailing Perth

The resources, equipment and expertise needed for car detailing is considerable. Many leave their cars in the hands or the professionals.

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