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Even if the amount of water exposure is minimal a resident should always be concerned with potential problems with wet carpet. Even small amounts of moisture can cause mould, mildew and other issues that lead to health problems. This issue is compounded by the difficult in replacing the carpet; both the original source of the moisture need to be removed and the damaged needs to be completely repaired. It is bad enough to be forced into replacing the carpet. It is terrible if the floor and wall surfaces are not completely dried and the carpet has to be replaced twice.


Water Damage Perth

It is always essential to clean up all water problems at the first opportunity. Fans and ventilation help, but these can be difficult if the water damage has compromised electrical power.


A wet/dry vacuum can get rid of a lot of water in minimal time. Look at renting this equipment. As there is water deep down on the floor the carpet and underlay will often have to be removed from the floor.


Removing carpet from the floor for an air drying is time consuming, but it is the best chance of preserving it. As the underlay has to be replaced it will be necessary to remove the carpet anyway. Underlay replacement gets rid of a lot of moisture issues, and is much cheaper than carpet replacement.


Floors must be perfectly dry before any carpet or underlay (old or new) is replaced. Fans, dehumidifiers will speed up the process here.


Water Flood Damage Carpet Perth

Water flooding is far worse that any problem with pluming or other water leaks. Flood water has touched the outside ground, and sill contain at least come contamination. Carpets affected by flood waters will almost always be unsanitary, and need to be disposed of accordingly. Underlying surfaces need to be completely decontaminated before new carpet is furnished.


Black Water Damage Restoration Perth

Black water is from contaminated sources, like sewage. As with flood water situations it requires the disposal of all affected carpets and complete and thorough decontamination of all affected floors and walls.


Carpet Water Damage Repair Perth

Call professionals to damage any water repair to your home. It is your best chance to preserve the affected carpets and underlying surfaces.


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