Children are all potential with little experience. They cannot look after most of the aspects of their daily lives without considerable help. We have to find the right way to teach them good habits and keep them safe in the meantime.


Exposure to unhealthy conditions and germ is always a concern with children. We want to absolutely minimize this, but there is the thought that a completely sterile environment will prevent their immune system from developing. Some studies suggest that allergies may arise when a child’s immune system isn’t exposed to any outside threats. But most communal environments will have more than their share of germs. Doing our utmost to keep things clean shouldn’t cause any real repercussions later on.


  • Keep mops, sponges and cleaning equipment away from children. They tend to regard them as toys.
  • Keep cleaning fluids away from children. The warning signs on the cleaning fluid seem to attract children’s attention.
  • Wash toys on a regular basis. Children often put these in the mouths!
  • Discourage food sharing.
  • Open windows when possible to allow ventilation, weather permitting.
  • Be advised on allergies.
  • Scented hand wash and liquid soap encourages children to wash their hands; the children like the smell. Get more than one variety is possible.
  • Buy microfiber cleaning cloths and read their instructions.
  • Avoid scented air fresheners, which tend to cover up the problems. There are better ways to get a pleasant smell in the air.


Child Care Cleaning Sydney

Employ a regular cleaning service, one with experience in childcare centres. They know where children put their little hands and the best way to provide a clean environment.

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