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Hydronic heating is efficient and never entails drafts. Instead of heating the air in an indirect attempt to heat the building the hydronic system heats the floor with water, keeping the building and contents satisfyingly warm and stable. One installed it is easy to regulate.


The water in the hydronic system can be heated by gas or soar means. These have minimal impact upon the environment, yet another reason to use hydronic systems.


At Hydrosupply we have:

  • hydronic controls and valves
  • hydronic manifolds
  • heat pump hydronic
  • electrical underfloor heating
  • underfloor heating thermostat
  • pipe fittings
  • wet back boiler
  • wood fired boiler hydronic heating
  • hydronic buffer tank
  • pellet boilers


Solar Hydronic Heating 

Solar systems are probably the most environmentally favourable heating methods. With the added advantage that they cost very little to run after installation; you save on heating bills.


DIY Hydronic Heating           

We also supply underfloor heating DIY kits for those who want to install the hydro heating themselves. Each kit is especially designed for each housing situation, and only requires a moderate level of technical skill to implement. These are also useful for builders; we can design the right system for the builders to install.

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