Alternations can either be used to improve the fit of a desirable garment, or sometimes it can be to make a garment better in its own right.  A few generations ago it was common for most housewives to make the family clothes, or at least alter them; a few men were capable of this too. In these modern days of more flexible gender roles this is far less common; we are used to cheap commodities that are easily available, and expect out clothes to be right from the moment of purchase. But this attitude is limiting. Alterations give us far more options; all the better if they are done professionally.


Alterations aren’t too expensive; and if we can extend the life of a well-liked garment by altering it we are actually coming out ahead. Else, factory seconds, heirlooms or simply clothing items bought at bargain prices can all be the sources of great clothing with a little alteration. If the most difficult part of the garment fits (the shoulders of tops, the thighs of pants) the rest can be changed to suit our build.


Clothes can be modernized with alterations. The look of clothing is often more of a reason for not using it than wear or tear. Very few clothes develop holes, but most will go out of fashion. Alterations can make all the difference here.


If you are not concerned with other people’s trends but do like to wear clothes that please you it might be good to consider alterations. Pay attention to the clothes you like, both in terms of fit and in terms of style. Buying clothes and having them altered to suit you can be a great way to get the wardrobe you want.


Alteration Sydney

Ask your tailor what is and isn’t possible, and show them a few items that you want changed. The results will surprise you.





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