Balayage is a French term and technique that provides highlight to hair in a freehand manner. It is a technique that can be applied to hair of any reasonable length. Balayage is not a style in itself but a technique used to create a great many styles. The resulting highlights are both quite natural looking and fairly low maintenance.


Brown hair has many highlight options, especially with the balayage technique. Dark reddish, caramel and auburn can all work well, and will look natural if the brown hair is inclined to turn that colour in the Sun. Golden of lighter brown can also suit many people. It is also possible to get good results with three layers of colour, with the darkest colour underneath and medium brown above this and thin ribbons of light brown throughout the length of the hair.


Blonde hair also works with highlights. Very few of us have totally bleached hair; uniformly light colour looks lifeless on most people. Adding highlights often works best when the hair is not completely straight. Many different combinations of colour work, long as the highlights suit the hair and completion. Individuals with very light hair can do well by adding waves, curls and some darker colour underneath.


Balayage Sydney Salon

Balayage does tend to last longer than most high light methods. This is not the colour itself, just the fact that is continues to look good as it grows out. If you only want to visit the hair salon on an occasional basis, but still want to sport that great hairstyle, consider some balayage highlights.






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