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Phone Batteries

Alfa batteries have been developed. They are not yet intended for mobile phones, but they promise to be a step head, and show just how quickly the technology can progress.


Alfa batteries look to have 40 times the charge of Lithium-ion batteries, the type most present phones use. Better yet, they will be rechargeable with water!


Other phone battery technology include:

Batteries may soon recharge from body thermal power. They recharge just by you being there. Who said the human bodies in the Matrix films couldn’t provide energy!


Solar panels, once so popular on watches and other devices may be used to keep phone batteries topped up. Solar cell technology steadily improves over time; they may end up doing more than trickle charging the phone.


Body movement may charge batteries> a small cell that is flexed back and forth can generate a small voltage. At present it is sensitive enough to charge a phone while a person is jogging. Experiments show it may eventually be powerful enough to charge a phone simply from vibration in the air.


To extend battery life on your present Phone:

  • Lower the screen brightness. Unless it is high noon and the Sun is bright you can read the screen quite well on low power. This can almost double the amount of time you get from a battery charge.
  • Turn the screen lock to a shorter time, like 30 seconds.
  • Look oat low power setting that turn off maintenance functions and other things that are not needed in the short term.
  • Update software. Updates tend to make the system work a little better, and the better efficiency will add up.
  • Turn of location services unless needed.
  • Use Wife, which draws less power than cell signals.
  • Use airplane mode, which can still use Wi-Fi___33, and hence email and text systems.
  • Batteries can be temperature sensitive. Overheating is bad when charging.


iPhone, Mobile Phone Repairs in Campsie, Newton

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