Golf has continued to be a popular pastime for many generations, though it does require a huge amount of open space. Golf simulators have changed this situation.


Indoor Golf Simulator

Golf simulators first appeared in the 1970s, but it was many years before they started to transcend their origin as advanced video games.  Modern facilities monitor the golfer’s physical movements and reproduce the course scenario to a level only achievable as virtual reality. A screen depicts a natural looking golf course and the sensors show exactly the exact outcome of a player’s shot for that situation. Simulation is the next best thing to your own private course.


Advantages of Golf Simulators

As well as letting one play in any weather conditions a golf simulator is incredibly useful for analysing one’s technique. An individual can not only practice their swing, but have it analysed in detail, something usually only possible with the presence of a pro. A good golf simulator in not a substitute for a real course, it is a way to truly fine-tune one’s skills for the game.


But beyond improving practice an advanced golf simulator can reproduce many of the world’s finest golf courses. You can not only enjoy simulated golf at any time in any weather conditions, you can play courses all over the world.


Golf Simulator for Sale

Korean has been the world leader in simulated golf for many years. Its GOLFZON Company has installed golf simulators in over 43 countries around the world, providing entertainment and golf practice in several thousand hotels, professional golf institutions and private homes. These simulators are unsurpassed for their realistic depiction of actual famous golf courses.


Golf simulators can vary in complexity, with modern research and development always finding ways to enhance the experience.  Advanced systems are now cheaper than ever, while still providing more and more realistic depictions of the game.


Every situation is different. If you are considering buying a golf simulator please fill out an enquiry form; we will find the best options for your situation.


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