Other reasons for lack of creativity include:

  • Self-doubt – This may actually be a love/hate situation. We might be driven to create in order to fix some self-doubt or resolve some issue. Yet we can be held back because we feel the creative solution will not really achieve anything. In truth, the creative solution will not solve any problems; just create anyway; and if only a few creative ideas come to fruition, that’s perfectly Okay. We are better for having the creative mindset.

When suffering self-doubt, remind yourself of your successful projects; and remember that you will only use a small number of ideas that you have.


  • Fear of failure- This is connected to self-doubt, except that failure is much more public. I would like to say don’t be afraid of failure, but that is naïve. If others are depending on you then failure can be disastrous. But at least don’t be afraid of failing on the small, personal creative goals. If there are legitimate concerns about the consequences of failure, consult a committee to keep your ideas in perspective. This will prevent at least some poor ideas from causing problems.


  • Worry that your idea is nothing new. Again, concern has some truth to it. But nothing is ever completely original. Sometimes an idea seems ordinary because we have held on to it for a long time. Like a joke we have told before we no longer find it enjoyable. We forget that it could still be enjoyable to many who have not heard it before.


Always keep multiple options for any creative endeavours, and let others give some insight into which ideas are workable. If only 205 of your ideas come to fruition, it’s still worthwhile.


  • Perfectionism and ego: These are a complex interaction. If we want the result to be perfect we are not happy with anything we do, and may give up. But if we overestimate ourselves and get complacent we don’t make the right effort, and anything we do is far from our best effort. Be human and embrace your small place in the Cosmos. Settle for the idea that some of your projects and ideas will work our well.


Remember, you cannot really run out of creativity. It is possible can get stuck in yesterday’s creative idea; and it is possible to spend time feeling uninspired. But this is usually the case just before a big break through.

One advantage of modern society is how quickly things change; we also have a new software package and new piece of technology to learn. Learning the new technology is forcing you out of a run and encouraging creativity. It may seem arduous at first, but it breaks down some old habits and yields some creativity in the process.

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