Promotional materials will always require some creativity, no matter which industry we try to promote. Unless you live under a restrictive medieval guild or have no other competitors on this planet, you will need promotion and you will need some creativity.


If our creativity is hindered we are compromised at several levels. We cannot achieve much work outside of data entry and proofing; we feel less alive and less inspired. Being able to break out of a creative rut is a useful skill to learn.


Avoid monotony. This one is quite intuitive. If we do the same things over and over again we are being uncreative, even if those same things were creative the first time we did them. If we can get out of routine, or even do something emotional and visceral, we can shake our mindset up a little.


One theory of creativity is that humans are trying to put all the pieces of their life into a coherent whole. Children draw pictures of family, possessions and animals that they like because they are trying to draw a picture of the world and find their place in it. Adults can continue this creative process if there are contradictory, or at least incongruous ideas in their mind that they cannot piece together. Problems can occur when we sort out these apparent contradictions and make sense of everything, or at least feel we have. We feel we have a final, comfortable answer, and we stay there, even as we are quickly bored with it. This is a creative rut, albeit, one of our own making. In order to avoid this we have to remind ourselves there is no final answer. We don’t understand all the Cosmos; we are just locking ourselves in a comfortable microcosm of our own design. Leave your routine.


Part of art of avoiding routine is not spending your entire life at work. As they said in Fight Club: You are not your job. It is almost a paradox, but you can be better at achieving goals at work if you are also thinking along other lines. More than a few creative ideas have their roots in the books, films, family conversations or other elements of life that you expose yourself to. Live at many levels, and be better for it.

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