Guitar Decals

Guitar decals are part of the shipped product; every brand puts their name and model number on the headstock. But while some people like the appeal of the instrument exactly as it come from the factory many others prefer at least a little customization. Sometimes customizing is practical, most time it is just decoration.

A few beginners like to put letters of some other guide on the guitar neck. A proficient play makes no use of this, but nobody starts out proficient. Labelling the notes on the guitar or bass fret board can help reinforce the foundations and basic patterns of playing. All this   should become second nature after a while, but you might keep the decals because of the aesthetic appeal.

Of course virtually all guitar type instruments have fret markers. Having 20 or more near identical frets could cause confusion; experienced players are automatically using these for reference even if they hardly realize it. The Position of these markers is obviously not going to change (the 3rd fret is always the 3rd fret) but the style of the inlay is open to some interesting variation.

Fret Marker Guitar Decals

Higher end instruments sometimes had rectangular fret markers. It is not difficult to put rectangular decals over a standard instrument’s round markers. Because of the association with boutique instruments this makes and instrument look more expensive, though results can vary. Other possibilities are endless, but lightning bolts, crosses and skulls are common. Some people choose to forgo any fret indications and simply decorate the neck.

Decorative Guitar decals are not limited to the body, and sometime the decorative features might serve a practical consideration as well. Don’t neglect your instrument playing, but guitar decal decorations is part of the art as well.

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