It is hard to separate the materials and medium from the art. If you have certain facilities and pieces of equipment you will find yourself working within their limits; or perhaps within you own limited ability to understand the equipment. Yet with sufficient understanding this can produce impressive results. Any serious photographer spends money on the best equipment available, knowing there are more options with this approach. Then they develop their art with the situation they find themselves in.

Equipment for Wedding Video Packages.

Camera Lens used to receive a great deal of attention, before pocket digital cameras started doing most things with fixed one setup. But multiple, interchangeable lenses are still used by serious photographers. A lot can be done with a good 35mm lens, which many people believe is a close approximation to the human eye. It has been used for landscapes, portraits, macro shots; it just seems useful for capturing the subject and the background. It also seems fine for lower light levels, which is important in situations like wedding videography where you usually cannot add any lighting. It also is fairly light weight and unobtrusive. A fine all round performer.

Zoom lenses are great for some situation where you need to stand well away from your subject. The issue here is stability. When you zoom in on a distant object any movement of the camera is magnified; this risks a shaky image. A photographer can solve this by using a tripod to hold a camera steady. Wedding videographers can sometimes use digital stabilization on the camera itself, but tripods tend to be far too cumbersome. Alternately they can use an extending monopole. This should give enough stability for longer shots. As part of the art or wedding videography is not being intrusive this long shot will be used almost every occasion. Get a good shot of the wedding speeches while standing at the back of the room is one example. You will probably need it for the ceremony as well.

Macro lens, used for extreme close-ups, tend to be used more by still photographers than Wedding videographers, but they still have their uses. Wedding photographers almost always have close up images of the ring and any other small accessories of the bride and groom.  Occasionally a video shot of these, as part of the wedding preparation, can work too. It’s good to have the option.

Depth of field is a consideration with all lenses. This is an example of something that is not so much a restriction as it is a factor used to artistic advantage. It is a basic photography trick to focus on the foreground subject and put the background out of focus, but this is a basic trick that remains in use. This depth of field varies with each lens; it is good to be familiar with the specifics in each case.

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