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What Does the Best wedding Photographer Need?

Everybody today takes photos. If we take enough we might even manage a few that are worthwhile. We can afford to do this as digital photography is so cheap. The other side of this situation is that our expectations become higher. When we see professional images we expect then to be of publishable standard. To achieve this requires a considerable skill set.

A Good Eye

Almost everybody has an eye for whether the final photo is good or not; few people could tell you what makes the photo god or bad. Fewer still could produce a consistent set of fine photos. Despite what some DIY and advice columns say there is no formula for a good image. The pattern of dividing the screen into thirds, or setting the eye-line at 66% of the screen-height will produce many good photos; but there are some excellent images that don’t follow this pattern. A good wedding photographer should intuitively know if the image they have in the viewfinder will work. It’s a little like the eye for an image that most people have after the fact, only the top wedding photographers can see this in advance.

 Technical Skills

It’s one thing to have a good image in your mind’s eye. It’s another thing to be able to compose a good photograph with the people and situations you are given. There are volumes written on the techniques for top wedding photography, and far more on photography of other types. And even though many modern cameras have a lot of self adjusting features the right techniques are indispensible. At almost every ceremony you will need to produce a good image of a bright wedding dress on a dark background, without everybody’s face being too dim. Auto adjusting cameras have tended to misadjust this. The Top wedding photography always needs to get this right.


You are sharing the most important day of a couple’s life; they will want you to be someone they like, and will probably hire you for that very reason. Additionally, you will be continually working with people and trying to capture them at a good moment; you will need to bring out the best in people. Charisma is part of the job description.

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