korean red ginseng

Ginseng, especially red Korean ginseng, is a supplement many health enthusiasts are familiar with. It has a history stretching back at least 2000 years. Though reportedly beneficial for numerous ailments research confirms it is good for immunity, cardiovascular, immune systems and endurance. These benefits indirectly seem to benefit concentration and general wellbeing. Like any good herb or supplement Red Korean ginseng seems to optimize our health rather than try to push us too hard. Ginseng makes us fully human, not superhuman.

Who takes Ginseng? :

Dr Oz, celebrity doctor and TV presenter.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

Leonard Bernstein, concert conductor.

Lindsay Lohan, Actress/musician. A fan of ginseng drink.

Michael Bay, Film director. A fan of the ginseng drink.

Justus Frantz, concert conductor

Paris & Prince Jackson, children of Michael Jackson.

Korean red ginseng is considered the best form of the herb. Unprocessed ginseng tends to be the better option as some additives compromise the herbs action. When correctly processed as tea, jelly or when taken as in a raw form the ginseng herb is highly beneficial for heath and endurance.


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