Residential Cleaning Services with Pets

Many households have pets, and it’s a factor in house cleaning. As such, we need to take a few measures in order to achieve good cleaning results.

  • A good vacuum. Almost every house has a vacuum, but houses with pets will want a machine that picks up pet hair. This is especially an issue with dogs. Buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter, as this will clean up the air considerably. These vacuums for pets may cost more, but another vacuum will not clean the carpet of hair, which means it basically doesn’t do the job. The Dyson animal is one popular choice.
  • Electrostatic dust mop. The electrostatic properties of many cleaning products are ideal for fine pet hair. These are particularity good with hard surfaces.
  • Microfibre cloth. Possible the best single tool for pet hair, these can clean off furniture, hard surfaces, upholstery and most other places. The microfibre actually picks up a lot of germs, so it does a fine job of disinfecting as well as cleaning.
  • Rubber gloves. These are something every cleaner uses at some point, but their ability to attract pet hair is generally not well known. A simple solution, but brushing a pair of rubber gloves across a cloth surface will get rid of a lot of fine hair.
  • A rubber broom. The same scientific principle as the other rubber products, the rubber bristle broom pick up hair from many surfaces.

Home Cleaning Services with Pets.

Even the best kept pets can cause problems, especially if there are children or pregnant women in the house. Do some internet research and talk to a vet about cat litter and any other pet issues. Hygiene is always an important issue. There is more to looking after a pet than keeping the environment tidy.

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