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Retractable fly Screen Sydney

Fly screens are effective at stopping insects at their point of entry. As insects are only a problem during some seasons of the year the screen can be retracted when not in use. Once installed the screens are used when needed, only to be rolled away and not noticed at other times. Decent quality screens can last for decades.

Insects such as ants and cockroaches generally don’t enter houses via windows; they find other ways to get in. Though these do not cause irritation as mosquitoes do they are a threat to food and general hygiene. There are a few methods used to kill or deter these pests.

Ultra High Frequency Sonic Devices

These were hailed as a potentially great innovation as far back as the 1990s. They faded from view as they proved almost ineffective. Insects are either unaffected or adapt to the sound quite quickly.

These devices ostensibly worked by emitting high levels of sound above the human hearing range (i.e. above 20 kHz). Their effect on insects and rodents was minimal, and there was concern they might harm family pets.

Chemical Sprays

Fly spray was once in common use. It took some time before people started to wonder if the chemicals in the spray were harmful. Small children and pregnant women are probably at risk from some chemical ingredients. Sprays should be used sparingly, if at all. Though, if there is a risk of malaria or other diseases the chemical sprays are better than the illness.

Natural Insect Replants.

Citrus based products dispel many insects, and they show no harmful effects. Lemon eucalyptus oil, garlic, vinegar, onions, peppermint and vanilla are also quite effective. Many of these are either pleasant smelling or useful for cooking. Applying them topically of using them near food can all but remove insect problems.

Garden Plants

Plants such as lavender, Basil, Lemongrass, Lemon thyme, Mint, Rosemary and other all repel some insects. If your garden or house has an insect problem these can deter them. Search the net to find the plant that best deals with the particular insect that causes the trouble.

 Retractable Fly Screen Australia

Using retractable fly screens on door and windows will remove flying insects. Other insects can be deterred with plants, herbs or extracts that they natural avoid.

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