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There are many reasons why spaces get cluttered. Clutter both look untidy in itself, and it creates its own problems – clutter means lots of nooks and crannies and generally more surface space to clean, which takes more time. An open space is both easier on the eye and easier to keep clean.

Unnecessary Purchases.

Everybody has some of those. These are frustrating, especially if you are short of cash or could have purchased on something else. But there’s always the opportunity to sell it on eBay. Not everybody in the office needs a printer these days. Years ago one printer per employee was almost the rule; that was before the we could all wirelessly connect to a central computer. I can be good to cut back to one good colour and one good b/w device.

The Out-dated Item

I have known a few people who could never throw out their first computer, even as they regret the purchase. They bought it when owning a computer was a business selling point, and it cost them about the same as a year’s salary.  In truth some of these old machines end up valuable collector’s items. You might want to put it in storage until the time when Steve Job’s biographer claims it really is worth a fortune. Till then, it is just clutter.

Old printers, dot matrix types and other items probably have little worth, even second hand. Try the attic if you can’t part with it.

Preventing Clutter

Online purchases and payment make clutter all too easy. Limit yourself to what it useful, and remember that money you spend on this is money you don’t have for something else. The something else might be a better option.

Avoid buying for potential future use. If you can’t use something now or don’t have a specific need, it is probably wasted money. There are few exceptions.

Check any potential purchases with others in the office; make a list. If everybody agrees an item is worthwhile it is a safer bet, though nothing is completely safe.

Look at tax returns and credit card records. Look to see what purchases you regret. Avoid these in the future.

I wish there was a useful was to prevent out-dated equipment, but it will date over time. And there’s no way to know in advance if a purchase will become obsolete. You can avoid buying first generation technology, it will tend to be expensive and be less useful that later models. But if your business needs the advantages a piece of technology should confer you may simply need it at the time.

One purchase that is usually worthwhile is a scanner. Offices used to keep paper records of everything. These records need to be kept, but storing them digitally is a better option. Anything more than a year old (prior to this year’s tax information) can be kept as scanned files, but remember to make multiple copies. The reduced paper also helps the fire situation.

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A clean space has a different psychological effect to a cluttered one. A few eccentric individuals have made creative discoveries in disorganized spaces, but for most of us a clean office mean greater achievement and a better general outlook on life. Employ professional office cleaning and spend your time on running a business and enjoying the achievement.

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