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If you wear a suit you will be wearing a shirt underneath. You will not need a high quality shirt for every occasion, but anytime you are wearing a suit the shirt you should be of similar standard.

Shirt Collars

Some people consider collar fusing to be the make or break detail of quality shirts. A shirt collar has a stiff material inside it. This material can be attached to the outer cloth, as in a fused collar, or it can be left loose. The fused collar requires a little more skill to make correctly, but there are excellent shirts of both varieties.

Split Yoke

This is the area across the back shoulder, beneath the neck. The better shirts use two matched pieces of cloth here.  This removes the need for darts at the shoulder, which some regard as unsightly.

Collar stays

These are small pieces of rigid material that keep the collar points sharp and pointing towards the body. They are often removable to aid dry cleaning, and may be replaced over time. Removable stays slide into a neat opening underneath the collar.


Like collars these can be fused or unfused, with fused cuffs being more formal. Buttons and cufflinks are a matter of taste, but the cufflink style is also considered more formal.

 Vera Tailor Alteration Sydney

Shirts should be bought because they already fit well, though alterations are sometimes performed. A good suit is either made for the individual or altered accordingly.  Have a few good suits altered to suit your individual shape, and have the shirts, sock and accessories to compliment them.

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