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Some say that humour is how we deal with the insolvable dilemmas of life – with our limits, mistakes and mortality. House cleaning is not an insolvable dilemma, but it is something we might occasionally apply some humour to.

These are mostly gathered from various part of the internet.

Instead of cleaning house you can watch that TV Show ‘Hoarders’. If you house doesn’t look too bad compared to those people, you’re  doing okay.

I don’t know anybody who died of housework or suffered ill effects, but I find reasons to avoid it anyhow.

A few unenlightened males think housework means women’s work. I point out to them that no wife has threated to kill the husband while he did the housework.

There is more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before visitors arrive than in the entire week I spent alone. No wait, that is superficial tidying up; nothing is really clean.

Parents cleaning after children is like someone brushing their teeth with an candy cane.

I had a fortunate childhood – my parents never needed my room and my cupboard clean at the same time.

Cleaning – only a compulsive activity when you are avoiding something worse.

Both the television and the internet were down today – that’s the reason why the house is tidy.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is not something I consider a problem. Speaking as an untidy person I think OCD is not a problem if my partner has it.

Choosing between time spent cleaning and time spent in a dirty home is not time wasted.

Our house is supposed to be a reflection of who we are- So yes, my mind really is as disorganized as my house.

Free will and determinacy:  if there is free will, why must I do the cleaning? If there is determinacy, why is everything predetermined to be a mess.

A scientific theory is that the Cosmos suffers from entropy, meaning it slowly turn to chaos. My theory is that any untidy house is way ahead of schedule.

If house cleaning is not the most satisfying use of your time, call a professional home cleaning service.

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