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Ideas about alternative and conventional medicine are quite culturally relative. Western countries often consider many Asian medical practices as ‘alternative’, including those who support their use. Of course many Asian medical practices are considered conventional in their own country. The distinction is not simple, however; there are conventional and alternative medical practices both in our society and in foreign ones. The good news is that they need not be mutually exclusive.

It is not uncommon to use alternative approaches to prepare oneself for medical procedures. Many women use acupuncture to prepare themselves for IVF treatments. The acupuncture (and a massage, often from the same clinic) won’t actually cause conception, but is will bring the body closer to optimal health, giving the IVF the best chance of success. Optimal health is obviously a good thing for anybody expecting to be pregnant.

IVF treatment is expensive. This expense is compounded when couples often have to undertake the procedure several times before successfully conceiving. By comparison the cost of acupuncture is relatively low. If acupuncture means only one less IVF treatment before success, then the couple will have reduced their expenses.

Once pregnant, woman can do well to continue acupuncture. The acupuncture and massage practitioners must be advised, however; the treatment must be slightly modified for pregnant women.

 IVF Acupuncture Sydney

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