North rocks dentist - what you should know

Oral Cancer and HPV Virus checks

Dental check-ups can include oral cancer screenings. These are more common than most people believe, but the survival rate is high if they are detected in their early stages. A simple swab test can show if you have the HPV virus that increase the chance of oral cancers. Chances of oral problems are also higher for smokers, drug users of heavy alcohol drinkers, but all individuals are at risk for oral cancer.

Gum Disease

Gum disease affects more than your mouth. It is bad enough to deal with mouth abscesses and tooth loss, but hearth disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and even premature birth are all serious problems linked to gum disease. The risk of these problems can be greatly reduced by good dental habits and regular visits to the dentist.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath is a sign of a dental problem, or another health issue. Bad breath is usually a symptom rather than a problem in isolation. The cause of the odour should be treated, especially as it may be causing more serious problems.  Bad breath has been linked to cancers and gum disease, which link to strokes, artery problems and diabetes.

 Root Canals

Root Canals need not be painful. They are treating a painful issue; the inner workings of a tooth are not removed without good reason, and we would rather the patients practice the good dental habits that prevent the problem; nonetheless, root canals are more awkward than pain inducing.


It is the physical action of brushing that gives you the most benefit, though the paste may contain some useful ingredients like fluoride. If you brush and use mouthwash you tend to get the same results. It is not difficult to carry a toothbrush in a holder. You can brush more than twice a day and probably be better for it. Keeping mouthwash at work and using more often will have benefits too.

Talk to your Carlingford Dentist about any concerns. Carlingford dental wants to prevent problems from occurring, or at least treat them before they become serious.

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