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Budget is a major consideration, but there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to apartments.

Apartment Advantages

The location of a home is always a consideration. If an apartment is conveniently near transport or the CBD is may be a better purchase than another property that requires long travelling hours. Spending $40.oo on a weekly train fare will add up to $2000 over a year, which could go towards paying a bank loan. Shopping costs are also significantly reduced if retailers are local.

If living in a cheaper apartment means living in a suburb you prefer, then this is an advantage. There may be less personal space in your home, but more in terms of local cafes, parks and other facilities. Lifestyle is everything for many people. If you like theatre or sports you can do well by living locally.

Amenities are provided in some apartments, mostly ones in a complex or strata scheme, though this varies a lot. The sense of community in this can be a great asset. Maintenance and security can also be good.

Sustainability and affordability can be far better in apartments. Less space means lower power consumption, and modern apartment’s complexes are designed to run efficiently. They tend to be easier to clean.

Apartment Disadvantages

  • Living space is less, though some don’t mind this as there is less to look after.
  • Probably no garden, which some like and some do not.
  • Privacy and noise, though this is less of an issue in more modern buildings.
  • You cannot modify the apartment too much, especially if it affects the neighbours. But this is no worse than renting a house.

Apartment Investment

People once bought Redfern apartments as a first step towards buying a house later on. This is no longer a viable option as Redfern property is now quite pricy, at least partly due to its proximity to the CBD. However, this price increase does show that investing in an apartment can be a good financial idea. Original owners of many small properties in Redfern did very well out of the value increase.  Other suburb might also go this way, but it is very hard to know in advance.

Lidcombe real estate agents

Local estate agents can advise you on any property for sale, Lidcombe being considered a good option for Sydney. There are always countless details when it comes to property and loans. None of the details are particularity complex, but the shear amount of information is considerable, and the repercussions from neglecting any details can be serious. Talk to Lidcombe real estate agents, bank lending officials and property inspection agents.


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