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Most Common Mobile Phone Repairs

Cracked screens:

This is the most common problem with phones, and the most easy to diagnose; a cracked screen is plain to see. At the same time many people choose to live with this inconvenience if the phone continues to function. But this is a great risk- the screen is glass and it is only a matter of time before matters get worse and the glass ends up cutting something. It there any other situation where we would put broken glass near our face?


Home Button repair:

The button you press the most is the one that need repair – at least this makes sense. If you are lucky the button might just be stuck; try a little isopropyl alcohol to unstick the mechanism; don’t use anything corrosive. If this doesn’t work after a few minutes you need to bring is in for repair.

Replacing a button is not too difficult. Often this can be done while you wait.


Problem powering up:

This could be several things. The power button might be damaged, the battery connections loose, the battery might be getting old, or these could be serious internal damage. Sometime some isopropyl alcohol will unstick a power button. Otherwise, ask a phone repair technician’s advice before you commit to anything expensive, like a new phone or battery.


Water damaged phones:

Water damage is rare, but not as rare as we would like it to be. It is all too easy to forget where your phone is and ruin it while swimming or doing the laundry. If the phone is still wet try putting it in a bag of dry (uncooked) rice, as this will help remove the moisture. Remove the battery as soon as possible, and don’t try to use buttons. Remove the memory and sim cards, which can be used elsewhere one they dry out.

If the phone does not work properly after a few days drying out it needs a technician. Most phones can be restored to full working order, but at worse the memory data can be recovered.

Never put a wet phone on charge.

USB ports or other charging issues:

No matter what we do the small physical connections between devices always remain a little fragile. It is all too easy to break a lead by treading on it. Try to ascertain whether the problem is the phone’s port of the lead. New leads only cost a few dollars, but damage to a phone’s connections can sometime be expensive. Ask a phone technician for advice

If you have spent money on a decent phone don’t put up with compromised performance. Have your mobile phone repairs done by us, and be reminded what your device was like when you first bought it.

iPhone repairs and other any issues with complex devices should only be done by professionals. If the phone is new check to see if warranties still applies.


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