You probably need to replace brake pads when:

  • If the brakes just don’t seem to respond or feel the same.
  • If the brake light on the dashboard comes on for no reason
  • If the brake is temperamental
  • If you vehicle seems to take longer to stop than before
  • If you hear squealing, squeaking or any noise from your brakes. This is sometimes hard to discern over traffic of music from the car’s stereo.
  • If the car seem to pull to one side. This suggests that one brake calliper is stuck or unevenly worn. Even if this is not caused by the brake system any car that pulls to one side is dangerous and needs repair.
  • If the brakes seem to vibrate. This is not unusual when making an emergency stop, but if it occurs under normal conditions the system should be immediately checked.


At car travelling at 100km per hour will take 100 meters to stop under reasonable conditions, and considerably more than this on a slippery surface. Never compromise on brakes. If you have concerns or know that your need replacement brake pads, Sydney based ICER Oceania has brake pads for every model of car.

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