OUR NATIVE – Policosanol

The ‘All natural’ cure has a certain appeal to us. Like many alternative healing methods, such as acupuncture or organic diets, we feel the sense that returning ourselves to a balanced state, like a balanced natural ecosystem, is the answer. There is something to this. If we can optimize our health we can let our bodies fight any problems naturally. But does this cover all occurrences.

In some cases the cause of the problem does not appear to be natural. Fighting the occasional cold is part of the process of living, but if we are super healthy there are far fewer cold. He same goes for many viruses and infections. But things like cholesterol levels are complex. Why do we have problems with cholesterol that did not seem to exist a few generations ago? And why do recommendations on how to deal with it keep changing?

The amount of cholesterol we absorb from food varies between individuals. Two people with identical diets can have very different cholesterol levels. The matter is complicated further when we realize that the body will increase its own production of cholesterol when the cholesterol in the diet is decreased, and decrease when we start to consume more in our diet. It seems the body has a regulatory system. But if this is so, why do some have higher cholesterol levels? Has the regulation gone wrong?

Products such as Policosanol are natural and plant based, being derived from sugar cane wax. They have been shown to effectively lower cholesterol, even when taken in small doses. Recent studies [1] have shown that larger doses, going from 20mg to 40mg, offer very little improvement. This suggests that Policosanol is regulating an internal bodily function, and restoring balance. As such, there is no need to increase the dose, and no significant issue if too much is taken as the body will regulate itself.

Cuban Policonanol helps balance good and bad cholesterol, apparently by restoring the body’s ability to regulate itself. You can order Policonanol online.

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